Ernie's Mobile BBQ



Ernie’s Mobile Whole Hog Barbecue & Catering Inc. started out as a dream — a passionate dream that just would not go away. In 2008 at a family gathering, Ernie’s dream became a business idea. After discussing my concept with family, my Father and youngest brother told me this is a business that, if done right, builds itself. Why would Ernie doubt family who have been doing whole hog barbecuing well over 20 years in Manitoba? Ernie’s Mobile Whole Hog Barbecue & Catering Inc. is owned and operated by caterers Ernie and Margaret, Michael, Marinda, and Janessa Kleinsasser. Margaret brings years of cooking and catering experience to big crowds. Margaret has served on many occasions as a caterer and server at weddings and funerals, and is very organized. Her organizational skills are essential to Ernie’s Mobile Whole Hog Barbecue. She marinates the best steaks, and her high demand cupcakes are Alberta wide known. Her cherry cheesecake is the best on the planet!!!

Ernie has been barbecuing the best steaks for many years. With Margaret’s marinated steaks, this entrée is a can’t miss. Ernie has come up with to die for smoked rib’s. Ernie’s expertise in barbecuing and smoking, all meat types make Ernie’s Mobile BBQ a winner. Ernie has extensive experience with whole hog barbecuing and has mastered this art and science to perfection. Using injected herbal and spice marinades and sealers guarantees a very succulent, tender, and juicy whole hog barbecue experience. The reason for Ernie’s mobile BBQ success as the most sought after Catering company is the fact they don’t have to hire outsiders to bring the succulence and tender taste to all their meat’s, sides, and desserts. Ernie & Margaret make sure all our products are in house-made, fresh, What our customers get from Ernie’s is in house-made, guaranteed local Alberta fresh!


Ernie’s Mobile Whole Hog Barbecue & Catering Inc. will be a model of consistency in the Calgary and surrounding communities, creating an old-fashioned style, hoe down, personal neighborhood atmosphere. We will never compromise our integrity towards lower food standards and serving lower value products to gain price advantages. We will only use fresh Alberta raised, no exposure to antibiotics livestock and vegetables. We will demand of our suppliers that Alberta local products only will be used. We also guarantee to give back to our community by providing food for our most vulnerable in our community, the homeless/elderly and low-income families. Ernie’s Mobile Whole Hog Barbecue & Catering Inc. guarantees providing exceptional service that leaves an outstanding comeback impression. We strive on having the best tasting food, exceptionally clean equipment, and very friendly and good service.


• To offer the highest standards when delivering our products to our customers. Your function matters to us! 

• Protecting our clients interests to the highest degree, our customers matter. 

• Exhibiting a over the top-quality experience on the day of your special event. We recognize some of these events happen only once in a lifetime! 

• We promise to provide a warm friendly experience for our customers. 

• We promise to give back to our community on a regular basis by providing food for our most vulnerable the homeless and the low income! 

• Integrity and modest apparel will not be compromised at any cost. 

• We will use only the highest quality Alberta farm raised livestock and produce. Our farmers matter!


We have made Calgary and surrounding area our home for over 25 years. As a family, we have grown to love Alberta and all surrounding areas. For us it is home now. In these 25 years, we have seen many ups and down for our province. Oil price slumps where so many of our neighbours lost everything, major floods in southern Alberta especially high river and Calgary. The damage was so overwhelming one could not help but shed a tear and say a prayer. And get involved, yet in all this we have seen Albertans show up in droves with all might, clasping our hands together and pulling this awesome home we call Alberta back in its rightful place. At Ernie’s Mobile BBQ, we are proud of the fact that we have given, helped, and volunteered in so many ways.

We have made hundreds of goodie food hampers to the neediest families in our communities and have also made hundreds of produce bags for the neediest. We have handed out thousands of plates of food to the homeless and donated thousands of pounds of meat/produce to make some very nourishing meals for the homeless in downtown Calgary. We at Ernie’s Mobile BBQ. are always saying we do not have much, but we will always be able to help where is needed.


We go all the way to make sure
our customers are satisfied!