Ernie's Mobile BBQ

Ready to Eat Meals

Enjoy some of your favorite Ernie’s high-quality meats any day of the week with our selections our packaged Ready to Eat Meals. Whether you’re at work, at home, or even out camping, all of our Ready to Eat meats are taken fresh and hot off the grill, vacuum sealed into a microwavable box, and then frozen to lock in the freshness. All you have to do is heat and serve!

Check out our selections of Ernie’s BBQ Ready to Eat meats below. You’ll find all of your favorite Ernie’s food items like our premium meats like smoked ribs and pulled turkey, freshly baked pies and cakes, and even some of our Ernie’s sauces. we require 24 hr.’s to process your order due to Charge card clearances. for now delivery only is available.

The Meats

We know everyone loves Ernie’s BBQ. meats, which is why we made sure to include a wide variety of our high-quality meats in our Ready to boil bags, these meats are quick frozen in a boil bag and will need to be boiled in the sealed bag, for 18 minutes, Whether you’re looking for our natural hickory Smoked Ribs made perfect for a feast, our free range moist and tender Pulled Turkey, delicious Smoked Brisket, BBQ Beef, or our BBQ Pulled Pork, you’ll only get high-quality, delicious meats with our Ready to Eat Meals. Want to enjoy a healthy diet of protein and veggies? Try our Beef Stew, which has the perfect combination of beef and veggies…and it’s gluten free too! orders will take 24 hours to process, and for now are pick up only. 

Single Meals

Perfectly designed portions fit for one person, our Single Person Meals put a little of everything on your plate. Enjoy succulent natural hickory ribs, creamy mashed potatoes, and baked beans with our Smoked Rib Plate. Have a home style meal with our Mac & Chicken Fingers meal, complete with buttered corn, creamy mac & cheese, and crispy chicken tenders. Try something new with our Cabbage Rolls, Cheese Perogies & Smoked Farmer Sausage meal, smothered in our tangy tomato sauce. Whether you’re hungry for delicious ribs, chicken parm, sirloin roast beef, BBQ beef/pulled prok, turkey, or even meat balls, everyone will find something they love with our Single Person Meals.


Bring our delicious sauces right into your home with our selections of 12 oz. Ernie’s sauces. Our Original BBQ sauce brings a zesty and fresh taste enhancer to any meat, steak, burger, and more. Looking for something with a bit more punch? Our Hot Sauce can provide a middle-of-the-line hotness that we’ve worked to keep a favorite for everyone. Our Sweet & Smokey Sauce gives a perfect combo of sweet and Hickey taste with Apple butter sauce, and comes out a winner on any meat. Want something with a bit of awesome in it? Our Signature Sauce holds up to its name by combining a mild horseradish base, apple cider, and mayo to compliment meat, brisket, chicken, or pork. Looking for a more traditional sauce? Our Apple Butter sauce is an absolute winner, combining apple sauce, BBQ, butter, and a dash and cinnamon and spices, perfect for any piece of pork.

Baked Goods

Finish off a delicious Ernie’s Ready to Eat Meal with one of delicious baked goods. From Apple, Peach, Strawberry, Bumbleberry, Rubarb, and even Apple Crisp, our baked pies are handcrafted and handmixed with great care in our kitchen each and every day.

Fresh Baked Cakes

Looking for something sweet? Our fresh baked cakes and cupcakes are one of Alberta’s best kept secrets. Let us help you celebrate a special occasion with one of our Fruit Topped Cakes, available in flavours like Chocolate, Vanilla, or Marble and topped with a marshmallow textured icing. Want something a little less extravagant? Try our Marble Cupcakes! All of our fresh baked cakes and bakery items are made in-house with great care each and every day.

Trays & Platters

Nothing completes a party or gathering like one of our Dainty tray platters. Available in Small (7-8 people) or Large (13-14 people), our seasonal party platters are hand crafted with delicious chocolate candies and treats for all to enjoy.